The main products are:Bathroom Sink Series,Hoor Drain Series,Shower Arm Series,Toilet Wrench Series 

Yuhuan Kang Yu Copper Co . Ltd founded in 2005 , which is specialized in manufacturing sink strainerinsink strainer . This enterprise locates in Shore of the East China Sea-----yuhuan , which is in the middle sectionof Gold Coastline , north depends on Taizhou and Wenzhou , south depends on Hangzhou and Shanghai , thansportation facilitates extremely . It is only 1-2 hours away from Huang Yan airport and Wen Zhou airport bydrivingOver 90% of our products have got the CUPC certificate , a large proportion of our sales are to large chainsupermarket such as LOWS HD and famous sanitary factory MOEN as wes enterprise hasbeen committed in high quality and excellent service and willing to be your best partner with the sincerecooperation

Team refers to a system in which a small group of people with common goals and different abilities consciously coordinate their actions or forces. Like the five senses of a person, these people work together to maintain a person's survival, which is indispensable.
We are a professional team. Our members have many years of professional and technical background in sewerage, and have many years of experience.
We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that the brand comes from the trust of customers. Only by focusing, can we do a good job in quality.
We are a team with dreams. We come from all over the world, because of a common dream: to be a truly excellent enterprise, to provide customers with the most reliable services.

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Life is like an equation, pursuing happiness is the "general solution", having dreams is the "best solution", striving is the "only solution", belief is not firm is "no solution", speculation is "zero solution". Enterprises are like the rolling blood of life, striving to plan blueprints, moving forward steadfastly, believing that the future will come.

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